The gold standard now in colouring is a Balayage technique. Balayage comes from the French word that means “sweeping” for the motion done in colouring the hair. Tropical Hill Hair Salon Cairns offers the best balayage hair done by professional and experienced hairstylists.

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Spot the Balayage Difference

Why do people always ask for the balayage treatment when colouring their hair?
Find out the many benefits that clearly show the balayage difference.

Sun-kissed look that only gets better:

Balayage gives one that sun-kissed hair that looks so natural. As your hair grows longer, it grows more beautiful with the highlighting technique. 

Low maintenance: 

A well-executed balayage treatment won’t need as much maintenance as regular highlights will. You will usually need to touch it up around every 2-3 months or so. 

Healthy fabulous hair:

Highlights are essentially painted on which is much less harsh than getting your hair bleached. Your hair will stay healthy and keep its luxurious texture. 


You can go blonde balayage or ash blonde balayage, with varying levels of darkness or lightness. That’s how versatile Balayage Cairns is.

Safe even for pregnant women: 

The colouring style treatment doesn’t contaminate the roots, so you can get a Balayage even when pregnant or breastfeeding. 

balayage hair from behind
balayage brunette hair from behind
balayage blonde hair from behind

Get Gorgeous Hair at Tropical Hill Hair Salon Cairns

Walk-in with ordinary limp hair, and walk out of our salon with fantastic hair you can wear every day. Our team of skilled hairstylists can take care of all your salon needs. 

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