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Set hair trends with the fanciest hair colours you can think of. Tropical Hill Hair Salon Cairns are expert hair colourists that give you any colours you choose! Enjoy a variety of colouring techniques that give you magazine-cover-looking hair when you leave our salon.

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Wondrous Colours for Your Hair

We do creative colouring where mermaid hair is as real as unicorn hair. Any color, any hue, if you think you’d want it on your mane, we can achieve it for you. We are updated with the latest techniques and products to achieve the hair colour of your dreams.

Our natural-looking highlights make your hair look even more beautiful as it grows out. We have perfected the lived-in colour technique that gives our clients that dreamy, homey look of tresses that shine. Low maintenance but surely a head-turner. Lived-in colouring is your best colouring style for your fabulous everyday hair that blends with and complements your daily ootd.

Do you want to go blonde? You can with our salon. Correct colour overgrowth, cover greys, and colour correct your blonde hair colour tone. Get it done, and get it done right with Tropical Hill Hair Salon.

Beautiful long hair
Beautiful long brunette hair
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Get Gorgeous Hair at Tropical Hill Hair Salon Cairns

Colour enhances your hair’s look and elevates the chic levels. Whatever treatment or method you choose to colour your hair, we at Tropical Hill Hair Salon Cairns will always leave you happy with the end results. We take care of all your salon needs. 

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